BNM COMPANY is a renowned brand marketing and distribution company for various trendy and stylish consumer electronics. We have committed to the best quality as the customer satisfaction is the rule of success. Therefore, our dedicated team is devoting extensive effort in R&D and product development in order to deliver new products with a refreshing feel as well as personalized taste and style. 

Management Team

Our senior executives are business veterans from various industries for at least 20 years.  All of them have acquired extensive and valuable experience from Fortune 500 Companies and other international conglomerates. The experienced team is practicing good business ethics to respect the customer, supplier, distributor, and all other parties in the value chain. In terms of academic, all of them have attained bachelor degree education or above. 

Our International Presence

BNM COMPANY is headquartered in Hong Kong, and is also present in Shanghai, PRC. 

We have our direct salesteam as well as a robust distributor network all over the Greater China region. In terms of international markets, our products are exporting to major countries such as USA.