Bonnaire Bluetooth Products Pairing & Reset Instructions


First Time Pairing (Superior Wireless Signal mx-900)


- Stereo Mode:Upon taking earbuds out from the charging case, they will be paired to each other in stereo mode automatically. For the first time of pairing, turn on bluetooth function on mobile phone. Search and connect to the device named "Bonnaire";

- Mono Mode:L side of mx-900 is the master headset. It is automatically connected if it is prior paired to your phone after you take this earbud from the charging case;

- Mono Mode:R side of mx-900 requires additional pairing when it is used as mono mode. Take out R side of mx-900 from the charging case and search device named "Bonnaire-R" from the list, press connect button on the phone.


Remark: If you used R side of mx-900 with mono mode, next time when you would like to do pairing in stereo mode, take out the L side before the R side, avoiding the R side pairing with your phone automatically.


Factory Reset (Superior Wireless Signal mx-900)


If you cannot connect both earphones in stereo mode, you could perform the following factory reset procedure.

You could know the status if you wear the earphones since there will be voice alert.


Take one of the earphones, make sure it is turned off, hold the MFB key for 20 seconds and you would hear:

1. Power on

2. Pairing

3. First alert, keep holding the MFB

4. Second alert, you may release the MFB

5. Put it back to the charging case

6. Repeat procedure 1-5 with another earphone


Take out both earphones, they would be connected in stereo mode.


First Time Pairing (mx-615/ mx-616/ mx-620/ mx-620+/ mx-315BT/ mx-335BT/ mx-725BT/ mx-B1)

1. Press and hold the MFB key for a few seconds, until the red-blue light blinks﹔

2. Turn on the bluetooth function in mobile phone;

3. Look for and select the respective pairing name;

4. Pairing succeeded.

 Product Name  Pairing Name
 mx-615/ mx-616/ mx-620/ mx-620+  mx-615/ 616/ 620/ 620+
 mx-315BT/ mx-335BT/ mx-725BT/ mx-B1  BONNAIRE


Factory Reset (mx-615/ mx-616/ mx-620/ mx-620+/ mx-315BT/ mx-335BT/ mx-725BT/ mx-B1)

While charging the bluetooth headset, press the MFB key for 5 sec until red-blue light blinks. The unit shall recover to the default factory setting.


For video demonstration you may go to