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Italian-style Fabio Marina pursues free, unrestrained perfect music.

The newly launched true wireless stereo FM-520 adopts the premium hybrid driver approach to produce unparalleled truly wireless music to catch your eyes and ears.


FM 520 E home

FM-520 high-definition hybrid driver wireless music

Most true wireless stereo earphones use a single dynamic driver because of lower cost as an inevitable choice for entry-level.

However, you who pursue perfection, how can you be satisfied with mediocrity?


FM 520e hybrid

The material and principle of sound production of dynamic driver and hybrid driver are different, and the focus of sound performance is also different. The bass of the dynamic earphone is excellent, and the sound is more emotional and atmospheric; the hybrid driver has higher resolution and reduction, and the transient performance is also better.

FM-520 high-definition hybrid driver TWS gives priority to human voice, and has rich overtones. When playing low-frequency content, it will not be chaotic, and it can perform well in the strength and amplitude of rhythm. Therefore, FM 520 can definitely satisfy your meticulous music.


FM 520 e frequency

FM 520 e scifi

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FM-520 Sci-Fi

The appearance of FM-520 transcends time and space. The small octagonal box is light and thoughtful; the layers of the box are full of three-dimensional feeling, and there is a sculptural arc on the front, which is really stylish. Open the box, the front of the box flashes fluorescent green, as if it is entering into a superspace world.

The charging case has a battery metre display, which allows you to watch out the power index. The earphones in water-drop design also flicker with sci-fi lines when charging, just like being in space.  The sci-fi design will increase the rhythm and dynamic when listening to songs; similarly, it will enhance the sense of combat while you are battling in electronic game.


FM 520e mode


Low Latency Game Mode

Electronic games are already an important part of life, which is as important as music for lives. So, FM-520 has music and game mode side by side. Game mode is ideal in low-latency; more accurate and easier to distinguish the subtle sound position. You love to play games, FM-520 will strengthen your combat power.

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Technology leading Bluetooth 5.2

Bluetooth V5.2 excels in stability and connectivity. So, FM-520 leads you always ahead.

FM-520 adopts dual-host design. The advantage brought by dual-host is that the left and right earphones no longer have a rigid primary and secondary, each can be directly connected to the mobile phone, which greatly improves the signal performance and significantly reduces the disconnection. And when the left/right earphone works in mono, and the other earphone is taken out of the earphone box, it instantly turns into stereo, which is fast, and cool!


Optimized light touch design for convenience and accuracy

The ingenious UI design of FM-520 greatly reduces the common false triggering of general light touch, and integrates various operations, such as volume increase and decrease, up/down, play/stop, on the earphones. Convenient, truly as FM-520.

Specification - FM520

Bluetooth version: 5.2

Low latency: 65ms-75ms

Spectrum: 2.40-2.48GHz

Operating distance: 10M

Talk/Music Time: Up to 5 hours per headset

Standby time: 100 hours

Nominal charge time: 2.0 hours

Rechargeable battery: lithium battery

Earbud weight: 4g each

Microphone/Call: Microphone on both headsets to enable mono/stereo calls