newMX 710 en 05

Hi-Fi Armature
Earphones are able to reproduce crystal sounds with Hi-Fi quality
This product features a brand new armature driver design. Armature units are usually used on
high-end earphones. Compared to dynamic driver designs, armature drivers are more capable
of reproducing the fine quality of sound details, and own better resolution for human voices
and musical instruments. With different ranges processed by armatures, earphones are
able to reproduce crystal sounds with Hi-Fi quality. The overall performance
is amazing beyond expectations of listeners.

MX 710 en 033

Monitoring Grade Enjoyment
Restore the original sound clearly 
The exclusive technologies enhance the performance of the armature unit, allowing the product to perfectly
reproduce medium and high frequency sounds, with powerful bass performance at the same time. 
MX-710 boasts exceptionally excellent performance for human voices and classic music, 
and it is capable of boosting the depth and fine texture of music,
bringing us unusual acoustic enjoyment.

MX 710 en 044

Audiophile Pursuit
Bringing us unusual acoustic enjoyment
Each set of MX-710 is supplied with a pair of highly effective sound-proof memory foam. Except for their
remarkable sound-proof effect and better audio quality, the memory sponge wrappers can stay
close to ear canals so as to prevent audio leakage, 
thus greatly improving performance of earphones.

MX 710 en 055

Feather Light
   Designed as exquisite and small 
BONNAIRE MX-710 features brilliant ideas of design. The earphones are designed as exquisite and small.
The streamline shells of the earphones look gorgeous. Meanwhile, its weight is reduced to only 12g,
which immediately delights the wearing comfort.

MX 710 en 066

Twist Pattern Cords
High quality pure black twist pattern cords are adopted
The cords of BONNAIRE MX-710 are of a special design, for which high quality pure black twist pattern cords
are adopted, so that they are much more durable than common cords, and can effectively prevent the
situation of intertwining from happening. The pure black twist pattern cords
impress people as elegant and premium.

MX 710 en 077

Delicate Details
L-shape 3.5mm gold gilded jack 
The L-shape 3.5mm gold gilded jack can effectively reduce the cases of poor contact due to
bending of cables, and in the mean time can prolong the service life of cables.

MX 710 en 08

Ease of Control
User-friendly design
Volume control of MX-710 is convenient, thanks for the goods consideration of user habit, which would be used
for iPhone (model MX-710i) and Samsung (model MX-710s). Therefore, MX-710 would
truly support today's smart phone world.












Ear Coupling: Intra Aural (Ear Canal Fit)

Frequency Range: 19-20,000Hz

THD.Total Harmonic Distortion: <1%

Impedance: 16 Ω

Sound Pressure Level SPL: 102dB

Transducer Principle: Armature Driver

Microphone Sensitivity: -40dB

Jack Plug: 3.5mm L-shape

Cable Length: 1.1-1.2m Symmetrical

Weight: 12g

Microphone: Designed for Android & iPhone

Volume +/- control: Designed for Samsung (MX-710s only) and iPhone (MX-710i ONLY)