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Looking for crystal clear call TWS, DM-300 is your smart choice as it is engineered with state-of-the-art Environment Noise Reduction by Dual Microphone Technology. Its unique 10mm quality speaker will also immerse you in high definition music for 8 hours per charge load. Incredibly excel for both call and music. DM-300 is your solid choice, none to other!

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 DM-300 Professional Dual Mic ENC TWS 

Dual Microphone ENC makes your call ever more crystal clear.

Industry-leading  of 8 hours music listening time on one charge.

Powerful 10mm driver  will immerse you in a premium high-definition music.

The superb in-ear design would optimize the listening comfort.

Charging compartment is unique in shape. Similar to a scalene trapezium, with overall lines smooth, ultra-thin, and is easy-to-grip in your palm.

Matt polishing surface makes the overall look-and-feel prefect.

Dedicated user interface enables you to control easy for desirable user experience.

Seamless switching between game and music modes.

Automatic pairing and switching between mono and stereo modes.

Sweat and water resistant (IPX4).


Specification DM-300

Bluetooth Version: 5.1

Earbud / Charging Case Battery: 40@/ 300 mAh

Stereo Music Play Time: ~8hrs

Buds/ Case Charging Time: ~1.5 /  2hrs

Low Latency: 50+/-10ms

Profiles Supported: HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP

Speaker: Dia10mm

Speaker Frequency: 20Hz~20KHz

Audio Codec:


Input Voltage / Current: Type C Charging Cable DC 5V/300mA

Net Weight: Ear-bud 3.6g@/ Case: 27g

Talk and music time is subject to your phone model, settings, operating mode, and the aging situation of DM-300 battery. The talk time / stereo music play-time is the result of a study conducted in the first quarter of 2022 which is based on an Android phone setting  at 50% sound volume.