Bonnaire True Wireless Stereo TWS

Reset Procedure = Factory Setting Recovery

  • If you can't pair the left and right earbud to form stereo sound, you can launch the following "Restore factory settings".

When do I need to reset?

  1. If the left side (L) earbud is the host,  the phone shows that there are two headset pairing names, one of which is shown as xxx-R (R side), this means that  R side is not paired with L to become stereo.
  2. If you purchase / replace * one side earbud, which need to be paired with the other side from the original ones.
  • Wearing earbud would make it easier, as during the setting, there is voice prompt. Take out any earbud which will turn on automatically, so, ** you need to press the button / touch to turn off**. At the off state, long press / touch the earbud for about 20 seconds, you will hear
    1. Power on
    2. Pairing
    3. The first "beep-beep-beep" sound (don’t stop the pressing/ touching)
    4. The second "beep-beep-beep" sound (the, you would stop the pressing/ touching)
    5. When finished, put the earbud back to the charging case
    6. Take out another earbud and repeat the actions from 1 to 5 above
    7. Put the earbud back  to the charging case
    8. Take out both left and right earbud which shall form stereo mode automatically

The above applies to the following models:

mx-900 strong signal ^ / mx-910 high thrust x strong signal ^

 / mx-920 clear vocal & ultra sleek  ^^ / mx-930 dual host & full spectrum  sound^^

^ mx-910 / mx-900 is mechanical press; ^^ mx-930 / mx-920 is touch screen operation