Do you get bored during your running?


Are you tired of the surrounding noise during your shopping?


During aerobic exercise, every movement shall coordinate with the rhythm of your breath, so powerful


music is needed to drive your motion.


 Don’t feel depressed because Bonnaire MX-615 can make you extraordinary in doing sports.






Inspiring Tiny 


  The ultra light-weight earphone of MX-615 is only 3 grams, so ear shall have no more burden, thanks for


 this ingenious design which has removed the battery from the earphone.





In-ear Portion Is Compact In Size,


Relieving The Pressure Of The Cochlea


MX-615 when compared to the out-dated model like MX-610,


the former's in-ear portion is significantly reduced,


which does not require to squeeze into the cochlea, making it very comfortable to wear.





Earphone Size Is Reduced By Half,


Reducing Significantly The Outer Size From The Cochlea


MX-615 in-ear size has reduced by half when compared to the other old designs.


As the outer portion of the earphone has reduced by a large


which also lessens the earphones from falling out.





As Lightweight As 3 Gram, Almost Feeling Nothing


MX-615 is ultra lightweight, which is a breakthrough technology


to reengineer the battery away from the earphone portion,


letting it extremely tiny and burden-free as it is just 3g to put into the cochlea.






Natural Sound


Small as it is, the tiny MX-615 has various functions.


Its meticulous and natural music can touch you and linger in the air.





Excellent Noise Reduction


Bonnaire is excel in its proprietary super noise reduction technology, MX-615 shall give you an enhanced


 clear call even in the bustling environment where there are lots of traffic and other noises.




Classy Aluminum Material · Refuse Mediocrity


One eye-catching feature of MX-615 is that its cover made of rust-proof aluminum, and the


 ergonomically design eartips with three different sizes can satisfy any kind of ears.




Custom-Tailored Sport Ear Fin


Do you feel embarrassing when your earphone falls off while you are doing exercise? MX-615 will wipe


 off your worry. The unique sporting ear fin affirms its position by tipping it at top of the outside cochlea.


 No matter you are doing  exercise or jogging, it is very much ideal.





Selfie Artifact


The trendy MX-615 can serve as a selfie artifact of android phone, which is the greatest news to the


 selfie lovers. Never miss it!  One headset, two functions. MX-615 would drive the modern trend.





Three-key Control For Utmost Convenience


The three-key control of MX-615 can let you answer call very convenient, as well as adjusting the volume


 control by increasing or decreasing the sound level.  It supports both iOS and Android devices.





Fast Reconnection And Smart Power Saving 


MX-615 adopts auto fast reconnection and intelligent energy saving technology.


When MX-615 is not connected with any device,


 it would automatically power off within several minutes in order to save the energy.





Noble And Fashionable Color

Universe Comet Silver and Bohemia Gem


Universe comet silver—novel and stylish metallic silver blended with a gold line can stand you out from


the crowd.


Bohemia gem—noble and elegant Bohemia gem with a silver ring can demonstrate your nobility as a












Brand                                  :  Bonnaire

Model                                  :  MX-615 Sport Gear  

Colours                                :  Universe comet silver, Bohemia gem

Bluetooth version                :  V4.1

Supporting Profiles              :  APTX/ A2DP/ AVRCP/ HFP/ HSP

Noise Reduction                  :  Adopting proprietary super noise reduction algorithm

Dual Phone Connection       :  Support

Battery Display                     :  Support both iOS & Android (Android needs app-download)

Camera Shutter                    :  Supports Android device (Android needs app-download)

Frequency Spectrum            :  2.4GHz

Operating Distance              :  Up to 10M

Call Waiting                          :  Support

Voice Dial                             :  Support

Reject Call                            :  Support

Last Call Redial                    :  Support

Battery Indicator                    :  Support

Low Voltage Alert                  :  Support

Talk-time/ Music Play-time    :  ~4.5hr*

Call Waiting                           :  ~140hr*

Nominal Charging Time         :  ~2hr

Rechargeable Battery            :  Lithium Polymer

Net Weight                             :  13g

Product Total Length              :  700mm

Microphone                            :  Support

Volume Control                      :  Support

Accessory                              :  1 pair Custom-Tailored Sport Ear-tip with Ear-Fin,

                                                3 pairs ergonomic silicon ear-tip (L/M/S),

                                                1 pc premium earphone pouch

Packing box size                   :  105x50x180mm


* Specifications would vary according to user habit, phone setting, aging of battery, etc.