Pro-Gamer Mechanical Wired Gaming Keyboard

Gain the competitive edge with Toucan, a pro-grade high performance mechanical keyboard. Powered with blue mechanical keys, this keyboard is rigorously tested to meet strict accuracy and responsiveness requirements. The keyboard casing along with a detachable wrist rest makes this keyboard a perfect companion for your long gaming sessions.

TOUCAN - Pro-Gamer 機械有線遊戲鍵盤

使用專業級高性能機械鍵盤 Toucan 獲得競爭優勢。 這款鍵盤採用青軸機械按鍵,經過嚴格測試,可滿足嚴格的準確性和響應性要求。 鍵盤外殼和可拆卸腕托使這款鍵盤成為您長時間遊戲的完美伴侶。

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Technical Specification技術規格

Rating 評分:5V, 0.33A

Frequency 頻率:125Hz/ 125赫茲

Backlight 背光:RGB Illumination /RGB 照明

Keystroke Life 擊鍵壽命:50 Million/ 5000萬

Anti-Ghosting Keys 防重影鍵:100% anti-ghosting/ 100% 防重影