7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headphone

Hear the slightest footstep and dominate the game with Blitz. The 50mm premium drivers ensures you hear every precise detail with the greatest clarity. Coupled with a high-definition microphone ensures strategic shotcalls are delivered to your team quickly and clearly. The lightweight over ear design lets your gaming marathons go pass like a breeze. Annihilate the competition with Blitz.

BLITZ 7.1 環繞聲遊戲耳機

聽到最輕微的腳步聲,用閃電戰稱霸遊戲。 50 毫米優質驅動器可確保您以最高的清晰度聽到每一個精確的細節。 再加上高清麥克風,可確保快速、清晰地向您的團隊傳達戰略性的電話會議。 輕巧的耳罩式設計讓您的遊戲馬拉松如沐春風。 用 Blitz 消滅競爭。

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Technical Specification 技術規格

Driver unit diameter 驅動單元直徑:Ф50 mm 毫米

Sensitivity 靈敏度:105 dB分貝± 3 %

Frequency 頻率:20-20kHz

Impedance 阻抗:32 Ω ± 15 %

MIC Sensitivity 麥克風靈敏度:-38±3dB

Input jack 輸入插孔: USB

Cable length 電線長度:2.1m±0.15m