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Legacy of Sound
Striving for excellence for music lovers

mx-315 is dedicated to amateur audiophiles to enjoy the music that they love.
By isolating the ambient noise, you have zero distance to the music, thus feeling the sentiments of the singers.
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Sweet Voice

Melodious sound

mx-315 produces outstanding human voice, especially with female vocal. The transparent and sweet melody makes you feel very sweet to listen to.
Besides silvery voice, it also produces tight and warm low end, which brings you an overall satisfaction.
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Transparent Sound

Astonishing listening experience

mx-315 posseses exceptional audio dynamics, which provides you memorable listening experience.
Imagining you are walking through hills and steep path, feeling the nature by your body.
Wearing the mx-315 on a stressed out working day brings you relief.
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Extra Reliable MMCX Connectors

Best quality control to ensure durability

mx-315 are equipped with standard mmcx connectors, which give you more choices for cable replacement or upgrade.
Ordinary MMCX connectors are loosely connected. Bonnaire is proud to announce that we have established high quality control standard to adopt the minimal dimensional tolerance, making sure every earphone, connector and cable we made is solid and firm.
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Detachable Cable Design

High compatibility | More possibilities

With the detachable cable design, you could upgrade the cables to get versatile sounds.
You may also upgrade them to bluetooth earphones by purchasing our Powerful bluetooth cable mx-B1,
you can easily convert to wired and wireless mode and enjoy the music everywhere you want.
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Dual Color Design

Crystal blue | Noble black

Let the color illustrate your style, blue represents freedom, black represents elegance.
Matching the color of the casing brings you sense of fashion.
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Made for Comfort

Ergonomic design | Absolute isolation

Earphone casings of mx-315 are made for listening comfort, which provide you momentous experience.
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Glaring Twisted Pattern Cable

Glorious and pragmatic

High quality cables are dedicated to ensure durability and comfort. With its elegant exterior and supreme interior,
you can enjoy the music in the best format.
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Digital In-line Control

Smart+ volume control technology

Bonnaire is committed to bringing new technologies to our users. mx-315 is equipped with the Smart+ in-line technology.
One digital volume control button +/- which is compatible with both iOS and Samsung  as well as many android devices.
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Perfect Combo Set

Compact earphone case

Each mx-315 is bundled with an exquisite compact earphone case, which is ideal especially when you are on-the-go.
The earphone case is made of superior materials for utmost protection of mx-315.

Ear coupling:Intra Aural 
Frequency range:19-20000 Hz
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion):<1%
Sound Pressure Level (SPL):102 dB
Microphone sensibility: -40dB
Transducer Principle:Dynamic
Jack plug:3.5mm gold plated
Earphone connectors ∶MMCX
Cable length:1.18m (Symmetrical)
Microphones:Designed for iOS and Android devices
Volume +/- Control:Designed for iOS and Samsung devices
*Bluetooth cable is sold separately, check here to choose cables compatible for mx-315

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