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Dual Precision in Music and Call


In the world of sport Bluetooth earphones,

there is supposed to be a huge gap between music and voice qualities.

However, BONNAIRE, a brand of persistence as always,

sticks to the principle of keeping both at high standard.

Apart from a clear voice, there must be a guarantee for the quality of music.

BONNAIRE keeps seeking changes for its users. The impossible eventually becomes a reality.

MX-620+, the double-queen, strides to a new era.




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Bluetooth earphones convertible to jack plug mode;

enabling dual styles of usage.

 One Product, Two Usages


A dedication to the user’s needs

Making intimated and lifestyle-oriented sport earphones.

MX-620+ is compatible with 3.5mm jack plug earphone cable.

The innovation makes the wireless convertible to wired,

allowing you non-stop music whenever your player is running.




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Lightweight and Comfortable

 Design with Ergonomic


MX-620+ features a unique design that differs from the generic sport Bluetooth earphones.

As battery is not placed at in-ear portion, letting the earphone mini & light-weight.

And the shape of the earphones is ergonomically designed, fitting well to the ear canals.

Letting you to feel natural and comfortable, fitting for long hour wearing.




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Cutting-edge Technology

 Establishing a Double Queen Status


MX-620+ adopts Bluetooth version 4.1, which would achieve clear voice calls.

With the brand-new APTX technology, the Bluetooth module is able to beam music

with a nearly lossless quality so that music would achieve a leap in quality.

 MX-620+ presents all-round impeccable improvements for voice calling and music playing.




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Extraordinary Noise Reduction

 Outperforming All Counterparts


Continuing to adopt state-of-the-art noise reduction technologies,

exhaustively tested and calibrated by BONNAIRE’s professional engineers,

the noise reduction of MX-620+ allows voice call to be remarkably crystal clear.

Even in an environment of pandemonium, it can reduce the noise interference substantially.

It presents great pleasant surprise to users

for which majority sport Bluetooth earphones are obviously a far cry from it.




mx620 音樂en


Supreme Music Journey

Accurate reproduction of all the details of the music and delivering outstanding bass driven stereo sound


The highs strike listeners incredibly.

Music is dynamic and vibrant, pleasant and crystal clear.

The deep, rumbling lows resemble as drums,

offering a great music experience of yours.




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Dual Colour Design,

Complimentary Memory Foam Buds

Ruby Red, Noble Black & Gulf Blue


It is personalized for you, with dual-colour design for the earphones,

which opts out from monotonousness.

Blue symbolizes vitality and freedom,  while red represents nobility and elegance.

Matching colour by the memory ear foams, giving a brilliant look,

which makes a better noise isolation, and is really cool.




mx620 掛耳en


Design for Sport

Comfortable to Ears


Over-the-ear wearing is securely fit, which is good fit at all times including sport moments.

The flexion shaping headphone cable enables to bend to the best fit position of yours,

which is very ideal especially for those sports lovers.




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No More Swinging nor Falling

Butterfly Buckle Design


MX-620+ is designed for cable convertible,

which also enables you to "buckle up" by bending the flexion shaping part of the cable

so that it would rest on your chest like a "butterfly-shape" pendant. 

Swinging nor falling feeling of the pendant will never disturb you.

Such trendy design will put you to the fashion top.




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Light-weight Battery with Long-lasting Endurance

Continuous Music Playing at Ease


MX-620+ is equipped with high density battery in mini size, light-weight,

whilst is still high performance.

Music play time lasts up to 6 hours.

It offers long music play hours. Even when you have long hours in sports,

you are always accompanied by this great music companion.





Brand                                        : BONNAIRE

Model                                        : MX-620+

Colour                                       : Ruby Red; Golf Blue; Noble Black

Bluetooth version                     : V4.1

Supporting Profiles                 : APTX/ A2DP/ AVRCP/ HFP/ HSP

Noise Reduction Technology  : Proprietary Super Noise Reduction Algorithm

Dual Phone Connection          : Yes

Battery Display                        : Supporting iPhone & Android devices(android devices need to install app)

Camera Shutter                       : Supporting Android devices via app download

Frequency Spectrum              : 2.4GHz

Operating Distance                : Up to 10M

Call Waiting                             : Yes

Voice Dialing                           : Yes

Reject Call                               : Yes

Last Call Redial                       : Yes

Battery Indicator                      : Yes

Low Battery Alert                     : Yes

Talk-time/ Music Play-time      : ~5.5hr*

Standby-time                            : ~150hr*

Nominal Charging Time           : ~2hr*

Battery Type                              : Lithium Polymer

Net Weight                                : 17g

Length (including the cable)    : ~850mm, +/- 15mm

Microphone                               : Yes

Volume Control                         : Yes

Box Package                           : including 1 pair premium memory ear foams,

                                                  1 pair bi-flange silicon ear-tip,

                                                  3 pairs ergonomic ear-tip in S/M/L,

                                                  a high quality earphone pouch

Package size                            : 110x68x200mm

*Specifications would vary according to user's habit, phone setting, aging of battery and operation mode.