Amplified Stereo Wired Gaming Headset.

Hear the unheard details with this premium headset boasting powerful 40mm speaker drivers for a perfect competitive gaming experience. The gaming headset creates realistic audio depth and lets you chat with your teammates with utmost clarity, killing background disturbance. Malaga also features in-line controls boasting a volume controller and microphone on/off button. The headset is designed to last long as it sports a steel-reinforced adjustable headband, which also lightens the overall weight of the headset. With padded earmuffs and headband, you get to play games for long without stress.

MALAGA 放大立體聲有線遊戲耳機

這款優質耳機擁有強大的 40 毫米揚聲器驅動器,可提供完美的競技遊戲體驗,讓您聆聽聞所未聞的細節。 遊戲耳機創造逼真的音頻深度,讓您與隊友聊天時最清晰,消除背景干擾。 馬拉加還具有內置音量控制器和麥克風開/關按鈕的控制功能。 這款耳機的設計經久耐用,因為它配備了鋼加固的可調節頭帶,這也減輕了耳機的整體重量。 使用帶襯墊的耳罩和頭帶,您可以毫無壓力地長時間玩遊戲。

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Technical Specification 技術規格

Driver unit diameter 驅動單元直徑:Ф50 mm 毫米

Sensitivity 靈敏度:102dB ± 3%

Frequency 頻率:20 - 20000Hz

Impedance 阻抗:32Ω ± 15%

MIC Sensitivity 麥克風靈敏度:-38db ± 3db

Input Jack 輸入插孔:Ф3.5 Stereo 立體聲

Cable length 電線長度:1.5M±0.1M

Maximum Power Input 最大功率輸入:100mW毫瓦