Superior Quick Performance Wired Gaming Mouse

Give yourself a competitive edge as the gaming mouse allows for the smoothest, reliable tracking experience with impeccable accuracy. Kryptonite boasts 6-DPI settings up to 10000 DPI for flawless speed changes in decisive gaming moments. The high-precision mouse features an ergonomic design with 9-programmable buttons allowing you to customize the mouse to perform at your highest level while gaming, via the specialized app. Cease the battle with Kryptonite.

KRYPTONITE 卓越的快速性能有線遊戲鼠標

遊戲鼠標可提供最流暢、可靠的跟踪體驗,並具有無可挑剔的準確性,讓您擁有競爭優勢。 Kryptonite 擁有高達 10000 DPI 的 6-DPI 設置,可在決定性的遊戲時刻實現完美的速度變化。 高精度鼠標採用符合人體工程學的設計,帶有 9 個可編程按鈕,允許您通過專用應用程序自定義鼠標以在遊戲時發揮最高水平。 停止與Kryptonite



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Technical Specification技術規格

Rating 評分:5V, 150mA

Frequency 頻率 :125-250-500-1000Hz

Switch 切換DPI : 1000/1500/2000/3000/5000/10000dpi

Chipset 芯片組 : Pixart A3325