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Irresistible Dynamic Sound


Impactful Surround Bass


Bonnaire mx-130 delivers incredible bass performance with versatile sound profile, which would give you strong music rhythms.



Earphone Fashion


Dual-Color Streamlined Metallic Design


The unique aluminum casing makes mx-130 looks brilliant as such dual-colour electroplating on one-piece casing is a kind of masterpiece.



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Exquisite Dual Color


Modern Space-Grey, Artistic Vintage-Silver


mx-130 is a music art. The exquisite earpiece colors are temptation. Its circular-textured back plate sketches your music passion.



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Leisure Wearing Earphones


Listen to music whenever you want to


Even if you are a “gear nerd” on audio products, you won’t be listening to music with the highest quality gears all the time. When you just want to have some relaxmusical time, mx-130 is your causal choice! You don’t need any professional gears to enjoy a relaxing great time.



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Glaring Twisted Pattern Cable


Glorious and Pragmatic


High quality cables are dedicated to ensure durability and comfortable satisfaction. With its elegant exterior and supreme interior, you can enjoy music in the best ways. You don’t need to worry for wear and tear.



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Dedicated Sport Ear-fin


Thoughtful Design


mx-130 comes with not only classical multiple silicon ear-tips but also dedicated sports ear-fins. The sport ear-fin is ergonomically designed to fit for sports.



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Hands-free Call Anytime


Convenient Voice Call


mx-130 has built-in microphone for hands-free call, which is user-friendly to answer calls.





Model no.: Bonnaire mx-130

Transducer Principle: Dynamic

Earphone casing: Anti-rust Aluminium Alloy and Dual Color Electroplating Design

Earphone Type:Straight-down Leisure In-ear

Frequency Range: 20-20,000Hz

THD. Total Harmonic Distortion: 〈1%

Impedance: 16 Ω

Sound Pressure Level SPL: 102dB

Microphone Sensitivity: -40dB

Jack Plug: 3.5mm L-shape

Cable: 1.2m Symmetrical

Net Weight: 15g

Microphone and Push-to-Talk Button: Design for iPhone and most Android^


  1. ^ For compatibility issue, please try out the product at free trial spots or consult your local distributor before your purchase, as operating system, / apps of smartphones / tablets would be changing fast