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Waking Up Your Thirst for Sound at the Ear


Unparallel Audio Experience by High Definition Hybrid Drivers


When the powerful, rumbling lows generating by the dynamic driver encounters the balanced armature driver that reproduces crisp highs,

they unite wonderfully as one at your ears. 

Discovering the zest for your heart, the enthusiasm, and the power of music

while enjoying such unparallel fine-tuned acoustics. 


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Breathtaking Music Tones


Audiophiles Enjoyment


MX-720 is adorable for its high resolution performance, with crisp highs,

allowing you to experience the clear and melodious dolphin vocal sound.

The medium pitch is mellow and clear, which is always unforgettable.

Stereoscopic and real, the bass drives up your zest.

The three pitch levels are perfectly balanced without lost of fidelity.

It sounds as if all instruments were live in front of you,

bringing an amazing surprise to your auditory nerves. 


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The True Nature Sound Is Never Monotonous


The hybrid drivers are passionate for extraordinary performance


The 9mm polymer diaphragm boosts musical expressiveness.

With the premium dynamic driver, the listener would experience a natural and fine medium-pitch.

Even subtle treble sounds could be presented clearly.  


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Full Spectrum Sound for Musical Enthusiasm


Inherent in Every Music Tone that it Accurately Reproduces


The dynamic unit represents the powerfulness of the bass, balanced for full spectrum of sounds.

The balanced armature driver ensures the richness of medium tones and the crystal clear highs.

Calibrated by dedicative experts, the full spectrum sound generated by the hybrid drivers provides you an enjoyment exceeding those at CD grade. 





Quality Cables for Better Sound Effects


Build by Heart


Using the quality twisted pattern black cable to enhance the durability.

Apart from the improvement in longevity and the anti-tangle feature,

the cable by itself is very unique, embracing its elegance, comfortability and genuine feeling.


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Distinguished Uniqueness


 Mystery Black/ Gulf Blue - Glossy & Frosted


MX-720 is translucent in style.  Designed in mystery black or gulf blue, whilst the earphones are glossy with frosted effect, representing the  brilliant side whilst retaining low-profile inherent personality.


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Considerate for User Experience


Pleasant Aural Experience


MX-720 is bundled with a pair of quality memory ear foams, which has a wonderful noise isolation effect.

The ear foams are designed for professional listeners which stays perfectly fit for any ear canal. It  would substantially uplift the audio experience.




MMCX Style With Innovative Lock


Professional and Reliable


MMCX style connector of MX-720 features an innovative lockable design.

It affirms the connector which enhances the reliability.

Users would also replace their cables at will for future upgrades.


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Digital In-line Control of Volume



State-of-the-Art Technology


MX-720 adopts with the brand-new in-line control.

A digitalized button panel compatibles with both iOS and Samsung.

Adopting the state-of-the-art technology

Simply one button for 2 major platforms.  Plug and play. Great convenience. 


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L-shaped Plug


Extending the Lifespan of Cable


The design of L-shaped 3.5mm jack plug would effectively reduce poor contact due to the bending of cables,

which would prolong its lifespan.


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Trendy Accessories


Outdoor Portability


MX-720 is bundled with premium soft style earphone pouch, which is convenient for you while on-the-go.

The pouch is indeed good for protecting the cable and earphones,

preventing the damages due to any squeezing.

Trendy accessories is exclusive for you.


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