Extreme Performance Professional Gaming LumiFlux Mouse

Perfectly suited for a palm grip, it also works well with claw and fingertip styles. The Phoenix gaming mouse is lighter, to improve gameplay while going beyond basic ergonomics to provide greater comfort while gaming. On-the-fly DPI and poling rate adjustment lets you customize the mouse to suite your gaming style. Rise above the competition with Phoenix.


PHOENIX - 極致性能專業遊戲 LumiFlux 鼠標

非常適合手掌抓握,它也適用於爪形和指尖樣式。 Phoenix 遊戲鼠標重量更輕,可改善遊戲玩法,同時超越基本的人體工程學設計,在遊戲時提供更大的舒適度。 動態 DPI 和極化率調整讓您可以自定義鼠標以適應您的遊戲風格。 在與 Phoenix 的競爭中脫穎而出。

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ecomphoenix 05copy

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Phoenix 01


Technical Specification 技術規格

Rating 評分:5V,150mA

Frequency 頻率:125-500-1000Hz

Switch 切換DPI: 800/1600/2400/3200/4000/6000/12000dpi

Sensor 傳感器: Pixart PMW3360

LED Mode 模式:4 Modes/4 種模式

Switch 軸: Omron, 20M Clicks/ 2000 萬次點擊

Paracord Cable 電線: Φ3.4+1.8M length+ gold-plated /  Φ3.4+1.8M長+鍍金